DIY BAR Budapest is the first community space where anyone can experience the joy of creating a unique designer item. Here you can get a glimpse at the mysteries of leather crafting, while becoming a designer yourself for a short time.

DIY BAR Budapest opened its doors in 2023, growing organically out of the Mittersisters brand, which pioneered in bag-making workshops. The know-how and the experience gained over a period of nearly 10 years at Mittersisters have been transformed into a creative program where even those who spend only a few days in Budapest don’t have to miss out on.

The heart and soul of the brand is a lively designer team who will help you in every way. And through them, you can get to know local artists, their way of thinking and their approach to sustainability.

“We want more people to experience the joy of creating and crafting unique, high-quality and valuable gifts instead of unsustainable mass-produced souvenirs.”